How To Boost Your Confidence

Boost Your Confidence


Many men have shown an interest in fashion and mens style as of late. More and more are becoming weary of the low quality clothing that floods the market today, along with a lack of knowledge on how to dress themselves well. The vast majority of fashion blogs available today provide men with tremendous insight on exactly what is "popular", but lack the effects of it's impact. 

I'd like to take you on a journey and discuss the benefits of mens fashion as well as how it can help you become more confident in yourself.


      A few years back, my confidence was at an all time low. My days were spent living in the shadow of others and never really feeling good enough for anyone. I would lay awake staring at my ceiling thinking about anything but how I looked or what people thought of me, because I never felt like the clothes that made me up reflected who I wanted to be.  On one particularly stressful day, something inside me changed when I opened my eyes that morning; it was as if someone had flicked a switch inside my head with a sign reading "GO." After that moment things where never the same! Suddenly every day was an opportunity to learn or discover something new, I had started to take myself more seriously and the way people reacted to me changed too. How did this sudden change occur? The answer is quite simple really; after that morning all my clothes where spotlessly clean cut, fit well and I was wearing quality over quantity.


How can clothing improve confidence & help your life?  In most cases, a persons attire reflects their mood, attitude and ultimately how they feel about themselves. Considering how powerful clothing can be in making us or breaking us; it's amazing that so few of us ever pay attention to what we wear. Whether its a suit for a job interview or just going out with friends, the right clothes has a distinct power on not only the way we view ourselves, but also the way we feel about ourselves. 

Not to long ago, I was going through a rough patch. As the seasons changed from summer to fall, I noticed myself feeling less and less confident about the direction of my life. Everything in my closet suddenly seemed mundane and boring, causing me to lose interest in what I was wearing on a daily basis. One day while catching up with some friends at lunch; the topic quickly turned towards fashion (something we were both passionate about). We started discussing everything from brands that he knew well to which designers where hot or not during specific time frames. Although his suggestions where valuable and appreciated, nothing really caught my attention other than the fact that he dressed extremely sharp all of the time. My friend is definitely more fashion forward than me. He's not only better dressed than I am, but when he enters a room I can feel his presence. He commands attention and he is very self confident. He could wear the Milano Satin Miami Sunset Shirt & make it look magical!

I'm comfortable in my own skin and have been blessed with an above average physique, but something was keeping me from believing that anyone would take me seriously if I showed up to the office in just the average day to day attire, which is exactly how I was feeling!

You see, I dress comfortably. This is fine for doing yard work and playing sports, but the problem with what I was doing is that it's no longer enough just to look presentable. In order to increase your self esteem and be taken seriously by others you have to distinguish yourself from the rest of the people in your profession or industry. That is where what we wear comes into play. What we wear increases our confidence & makes us feel better - in turn other people see that and take us serious.

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