How To Become A Confident Man

How To Become A Confident Man

So you want to learn about confidence? You want to learn how to become a confient man?

Confidence... Such a diluted word in todays society. The majority of men can confuse confidence with many things today. One thing is certain, confidence is not showing off. Also confidence is not being better than anyone else. Confidence cant be bought, and lastly confidence is not growing air lats LOL... Today I will dive into briefly what confidence is for us men, and I will give you three things you can do that have been proven to help increase confidence. I will help you on your search on how to become a confident man.


Well Then... What Is Confidence?

Let's break this down quickly. We are busy men trying to accomplish great things in this world. Honestly confidence is simple. Society tries to complicate everything. So they have made confidence like it's this almost unattainable thing that can only be achieved when you have a certain amount of money, a hot model, a nice car.. the list goes on. FALSE. That is not what confidence is. Trust me... I've been around people who have all those things and are very far from confident.

"Confidence is being you & not giving a damn!"

It's that simple gentlemen. However we are creatures that want to be accepted. It's in our nature. So we are constantly looking for approval or to be accepted. This leads us to start wondering things like " Am I good enough"? Well guess what? You just questioned your self & boom your confidence might have just took a hit.

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Honestly Just Be... You

Listen... It really is that simple. Confidence is broken down to that one simple factor. Just be you. Be you, and learn to mute out the outside noise. The key is not just muting the noise, but really just doing you and being you without the thought or care of what others think. Once you reach that level... my bro you made it.

While you can be you, you can always work on certain aspects of yourself to help you feel great about yourself, earn respect from others, and show the world you are a confident man & leader.Let's get into the three things I myself as a man, a fashion designer, & bodybuilder do to help maintain my confidence & continue to be happy and content with myself.


1.) Embrace Solitude

Gentlemen make solitude your super power. Remember there is a big difference between being in solitude and being lonely. Being in solitude does not mean you are lonely. Solitude is when you enjoy your own company without needing anyone but yourself.

Why & how can this raise confidence?

When you learn to be alone & get to know yourself more & more you need others approval less & less. You tend to become less needy & you don't seek the approval from others. Not needing that approval makes you less needy, or the need to be something your not. You can just be you. Wether you have people or not, you know you don't need them. You find peace and balance by yourself.

I believe this is a very strong quality of leaders. Many understand the importance of relationships, but many including myself can go extended periods of time in solitude.


2.) Keep Your Appearance Sharp 

While your confidence does not have to stem from your appearance, let's face it. When you look good you feel good. Feeling good is a big part of confidence. You are riding your own wave. What better way to keep that wave going than having others wonder how you do it? Inspire the world by showing that not only you are a confident man, a leader, but that you also have respect for how you present yourself to others. That's just what a confident man does.

The thing about this is that its very rare nowadays. We've lost the respect for how we present ourselves. Walk down the street and you will see men in Pajamas and slides walking out in public. Listen... as a man that is a no go. I guarantee you that person is probably not the most confident person. If not they would not be dressing like that. Confidence also carries with it self respect. 

A haircut, a trimmed beard, & smelling good goes a long way. How do you feel after you get up from the barbers char? You've heard the phrase " I feel like a new man". Why do you think this is? Because feeling and looking fresh just has an inexplicable effect to help boost our confidence, and the way we view ourselves. Don't forget that qt the end of the day how we view ourselves is what really matters.


3.) Fashion Boost Confidence

I hate to break it to you, but if you don't know this is a Mens Fashion BLOG. So we prioritize style here & the powerful effects it has on men & leadership.

Mens fashion has a huge role in how your confidence is affected. There is just a powerful feeling you get from clothes. For example let's ay you have you relaxed oversized shirt and some boxers at home relaxing. You decide to go out and throw on some nice dress pants, a fitted shirt, & jewelry. Top this off with some amazing cologne and bro you are a whole new person. You walk out that door feeling like you can take on the world... & you can.

We each have our own unique style. There is not set style for what makes you feel confident. The key is to listen to how you feel when you wear a specific style. Do you feel like a king? or are you embarrassed? You have to listen to yourself and how you react to various styles. As you age, and grow you will come to find a unique style in which you know is true to you.


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