How To Style Mens Pink Satin Shirt

How To Style Mens Pink Satin Shirt

The Mens Pink Satin Shirt

One of our best sellers is our mens pink satin shirt. So who says pink ins't for men? In this article we wanted to go over some ways you can style this amazing pink dress shirt. We will use some examples that where provided by our models to help you expand your style & help you next time you wear our pink satin shirt.

1.) White Skinny Fit Jeans

How to style mens pink satin shirt

A great way to style our mens pink satin shirt is with one of our best selling jeans the white skinny fit jeans. The contrast of the shirt goes well with the white jeans creating an eye catching combination. It is also a very simple look to pull off.

2.) Black Skinny Fit Jeans

Mens Pink Satin Shirt With Black Skinny Fit Jeans

Another great choice is our mens black skinny fit jeans. We particularly like this look slightly more because... well we are obsessed with the color black. This version is a more casual style you can wear. Many people think you have to dress up to wear this pink satin shirt, but thats further from the truth. You can dress down & have a relaxed casual style by combining it with some jeans.


3.) Classic Black Dress Pants

pink satin shirt by gerardo gabriel
One of my favorite ways to style the pink satin shirt is with a pair of classic black dress pants. It's the perfect combination of business laid back casual, but also sharp & dressy. I prefer to use a slim fit style trouser vs skinny fit when wearing the satin shirt. Pair it with some loafers & you have an amazing look.

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